RouteSigns ReFresh:

We’ve added 35 new signs – Running! Gravel!

And Beer! Oh my!

Improve Your Event With RouteSigns

RouteSigns are a great communication tool!

They clearly communicate with your participants and the general public.

These distinctive Hi-Viz signs are a great addition to your cycling, walking and running events – and parties too!

The 90+ unique and economical sign choices cover the bases from utilitarian and practical to appreciative to laugh-out-loud humorous!

These reusable signs are made with a poly-coated heavy cardstock, rated for years of use.

They can be easily attached to wooden surfaces with staples and to metal surfaces with tape.

The large 24” x 24” size will really stand out at your Start Zone, on SAG vehicles, at Rest Stops, along the Route and into your Finish Line.

They’re organized into six groups, A through F, and the attractively bright design will add value, safety and fun to all your upcoming events!

90+ Unique Signs!

RouteSigns Categories

We offer RouteSigns for all of your event needs! See below:


To guide and direct your event participants to start/finish, parking, check-in, registration, etc. New Route Marking Crew vehicle sign!

Group B = NOTIFY

To notify event participants about upcoming road and traffic conditions and suggest cautionary behaviors to enhance safety!


To provide tongue-in-cheek encouragement and humor during long or challenging sections on your event!

Group D = BEER & WINE

For events with liquid refreshments, let your participants know what awaits them at the end of the route!


Fun and helpful choices for running, walking, cycling and gravel events. Clearly announce your event to the local community!


To fuel event participants on the final stretch to the finish line and express thanks to the community and participants alike!

RouteSigns Information and Pricing

Sign Information

  • Signs are 24″ x 24″
  • Card stock is .024″ thick [sign industry standard]
  • Signs weigh approximately 6 ounces each
  • Sign color is non-reflective neon yellow
  • Text and icons are printed with black ink
  • Signs are poly-coated to withstand weather exposure

Disclaimers/More Information

  • RouteSigns are made to order, so please understand that delivery may take 10-12 business days, or more.
  • Therefore, expedited shipping is NOT available.
  • RouteSigns do not include any mounting hardware or materials. We recommend using wooden or steel stakes, commonly available at home and garden stores or lumber yards.
  • Do NOT post RouteSigns on existing road signs, support posts, or anywhere without permission.
  • RouteSigns are bright neon yellow, similar to the color of school and pedestrian signs in the USA. RouteSigns may differ in color from how your computer monitor displays.
  • To get a sample, use our sample request form!


  • We offer per-sign discounts on any order of 20 or more RouteSigns.
  • The discount pricing is automatically added to your shopping cart when the quantity threshold is met.
  • Non-profit organizations will automatically receive their discount regardless of quantity purchased, above the 10-sign minimum.
  • Please note: You must be signed in to your non-profit account to get this discount.

Pricing and Ordering

Minimum Purchase: 10 Signs

10-19 signs = $19.95/sign
20-29 signs = $18.95/sign
30+ signs = $17.95/sign

Please Note: RouteSigns are made to order and delivery may take 10-12 business days.

Group A = Logistics RouteSigns

Guide participants and locate your facilities during your event.

Group B = Notify RouteSigns

Notify event participants about upcoming locations and road conditions.

Group C = Comic Relief RouteSigns

Humorous encouragement for any challenging sections of your routes.

Group D = Beer & Wine RouteSigns

Useful and fun signs for events with liquid refreshments!

Group E = Events & Gravel RouteSigns

Clearly announce your event to the local community.

Group F = Finish Line RouteSigns

Highlight the finish line and thank your participants.