Introducing… RouteCans!

→ RouteCans are an economical, eco-friendly, lightweight, sturdy, easy-to-use RouteArrows dispenser.

→ They’re made from an unused (100% recycled Polypropylene) paint can – thus the name!

→ RouteCans provide a fast and easy way to dispense and use RouteArrows at your event.

→ The original RouteArrows dispenser (“RouteCase”) was great, but this new version is even better!


RouteCan Improvement Details:

  • Less than half the price (Price 43.4% to be exact!)
  • Less than one third the weight (Only 1lb!)
  • Quicker and easier to load
  • Comfortable, easier to carry handle
  • Holds and dispenses one or two rolls easily
  • Handmade with eco-friendly 100% recycled & recyclable materials
  • Reflective RouteArrow logo and hi-viz tape for added safety
  • Sturdy, well constructed design for many years of use
  • Makes route marking with RouteArrows fast and easy!


***If you buy a RouteCan: we’ll send you a snazzy pair of RouteArrows logo socks! (If possible, as we have very limited quantities.) Please send us your desired size(s) with this contact form and if we have a pair that will work for you (or someone you sort of like), we’ll send them with your RouteCan order!***

In stock (can be backordered)



How to use: With either one roll or two rolls

  • Remove the white “Please remove…” stickers (if rolls are new!)
  • Put the first RouteArrows roll into the RouteCan, “right-side up” with “RouteArrows” text along the bottom.
  • Feed about 4+ in. of the first RouteArrow roll out through the vertical feed slot.
  • Place foam core into the roll’s center, then place/push the birch wood square on top to create the divider table.
  • Put the second roll of RouteArrows into the RouteCan on top of the divider table.
  • Feed about 4 in. of the second RouteArrow roll out through the slot.
    • As either roll is pulled/dispensed, the other roll will not be affected or moved.
  • Set the RouteCan on the ground to dispense RouteArrows, or work in pairs.
  • Start dispensing from either or both rolls of RouteArrows as needed.
  • When tearing off the backing paper, leave enough to continue dispensing.


Parts and Features of the RouteCan:

  • RouteCan Body
  • Handle
  • Feed Slot
  • Divider Table: Wood Square + Foam Core
  • Reflective Logo & Stripe


  • Whisk Broom (made with corn fiber)


  • The “RouteCan” body is made with a new 1 gallon paint container, which is 100% Recycled Polypropylene, made here in the USA!
  • The handle is all wood, made with 5 ply Birch Plywood and 1.25 inch dowel.
  • Handle fasteners are aluminum pop rivets, handle screws are stainless steel.
  • The wooden parts are finished with hand-applied, unprocessed 100% Natural Tung Oil.
  • The divider table is made from 3 ply Birch Plywood and when used with the foam core, they separate the upper and lower rolls, so that one doesn’t rotate the other!
  • High Visibility Stripe and Arrow Logo adds visual acuity while route marking.
    • There is a large reflective “RouteArrows” logo on one side and a 2” wide “Hi-Viz” reflective tape on the other side for both daylight and low-light situations.


Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 7.13 × 6.75 × 12 in


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