Are you a 501 c-3 cycle route planner or running route planner?

If so, we are pleased to offer a 15% discount on the best route marking tools: RouteArrows and RouteLines!

By completing the form below, half marathons, 5k races, bike rides and other events will be given 15% off the per roll price on this and all future purchases of RouteArrows and RouteLines!

During a promo, discounts cannot be combined and you will be given the better price.

To get your Non-Profit Discount, you must to do the following:

1. Complete the form below to create a non-profit account on this website.

2. Upon successful completion of the form, you will have a non-profit account on, and you should be automatically logged in to the website. (Some users with outdated web browsers have reported that they were not logged in automatically. To ensure you’re logged into the website, visit your “My Account” page. If you’re not logged in, the site will prompt you to log in.)

3. You can then select the items you’d like to purchase in our online store.

4. Upon checkout, notice that you will have a coupon automatically applied to your order. If not, please make sure you’re logged in to the website, and you are logged in to your non-profit account. If you’re still having problems, please use our contact form to let us know.

Non-Profit Account Form

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