We know it takes more than just rolls of RouteArrows to run an event.

Here you’ll find a list of resources with products and services we recommend.

Additionally, we’ll be adding “how-to” information as well as links to events and organizations we’ve recently sponsored! 



Wristbands: Wristband Express 

Excellent source for larger volume wristband purchases. 

We have 1 inch solid color Tyvek® bands for sale in bundles of 50, while Wristband Express sells them in bundles of 500. Their price (per band) is about 1/3 of ours, but our goal is to help provide smaller amounts for smaller events.

The 9 RouteArrows matching colors are:

  • (Our RouteArrow color name) = (Their color name)
  • Yellow = Neon Yellow
  • Red-Orange = Neon Red
  • Blue = Neon Blue
  • Green = Neon Green
  • Orange = Neon Orange
  • Pink = Neon Pink
  • Aqua = Aqua
  • Lime = Lime Green
  • Purple = Pan(tone) Purple


Cycling Jerseys & Kit: Voler 

Voler is based in central California and has been making high quality cycling wear for almost 35 years.  They have their own stylish designs and also offer custom production in volume or POD.


Socks: Defeet 

Defeet is a great company that has their own designs and also does custom designs.  They’ve produced stylish custom socks for our RouteArrows* brand and also for The Sequoia, a “Challengingly Beautiful” Century I’ve been involved with for the last few years here in Silicon Valley. 

*If you buy a RouteCan: we’ll send you a snazzy pair of RouteArrows logo socks! (If possible, as we have very limited quantities.) Please send us your desired size(s) with this contact form and if we have a pair that will work for you (or someone you sort of like), we’ll send them with your RouteCan order!



Event Photography: Captivating Sports Photos 

Event photography based in Nor-Cal, now covers the entire US!  I’ve personally used Bill and his team for an event I’ve been the Chair of, The Sequoia, and his coverage is start-to-finish stellar!


Event Support: Bike SAG 

Dave provides excellent SAG service to events in Florida and other states as well. He has online classes, SAG equipment rental and sales and SAG certification courses! If you need information and guidance about SAG service at your event – give Bike SAG Dave a call!




How-To’s & Tips

How to Use RouteArrows

How to Remove RouteArrows  

How to Store RouteArrows until your next event!

How to make a Route Distances Sign for your check in table!

How to make BIG RouteArrows