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RouteFletiv Signs – 5 Pack


RouteFlectiv Signs:

Our NEW Hi-Viz Signage Option!

→ High Visibility: Daytime Fluorescent and Night Time Reflective!

→ Versatile: Arrow can be Pointed Left, Right or Straight Ahead.

→ Reusable, Economical, Lightweight, Sturdy and Weather Resistant!

→ Compact, Fast and Easy to Put Up, Transport and Store.

→ Great for Events! Gravel, Trail, Moonlight, Seasonal Runs and More!


Use RouteFlective Signs:

  • For gravel rides, nighttime events, trail runs, equestrian, ride and tie, off-road events, snowmobile, backcountry camping, group hikes, and any other unpaved event routes across grass, sand, snow, etc.
  • For giving clear directions during COVID.
  • In wet conditions – the Coroplast® plastic signs and fluorescent arrows are weather resistant!
  • To mark each turn and confirm participants are on the route!
  • To Make your route super Hi-Vis with these highly reflective arrows!*
    • *When Participants have lights

Pack of 5 RouteFlectiv Signs = $57

(Includes 20 Reusable 14″ Zip-Ties!)